If you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, talk to us so we can make your ideas come to reality.

We can provide you the resources to launch new products and develop services necessary to bring your ideas to reality.

We have the services for your specific needs.

Development Services

Building strategic platforms based on your visions and ideas.

Mobile Application Development

Engineering mobile applications that provide unique user experiences and leverage the unique features of each platform whether it is for iOS, Android or Web.

Web Application

Developing web applications that allow users to access applications across mobile and desktop devices with a similar user experience to native iOS and Android applications.

Facebook Application Development

Developing promotional Facebook applications to drive user engagement, lead generation marketing campaigns, and extend mobile and web applications to Facebook.

Cloud Infrastructure Design and Development

Creating cloud-based infrastructures for mobile and web applications to support your growth and scalability requirements while managing the associated cost and maintaining security.

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We work with corporations focused on innovation and want to work with agile development teams to produce minimum viable products (MVPs) to produce cutting edge technology in the marketplace.


We cater to Angel and VC funded startups who need to establish or expand development teams.